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Health Benefits of Holidays by the Sea

13 October 2016 | 0 comments

Holidays by the sea are good for you in so many ways, according to a recent study conducted by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health.

Researchers collected information from 2,750 people aged between 8 and 80 over a 2 year period. Whilst all outdoor natural areas produced positive enjoyment, locations by the sea came out tops! This applied across all age groups, even when travelling time and volume of people in the same location were included.

Feelings of positivity have an impact on our general health so it seems that holidays by the sea will improve your psychological well-being.

The Engish Riviera

South Devon is easily accessed with excellent transport links from anywhere in the UK. There are innumerable beaches on which to relax or participate in watersports. The climate is mild and all these things combined contribute to it being known as the English Riviera.

Whether you are driving or arriving by public transport it’s easy to take a mini break or annual holiday in South Devon to recharge your batteries.

Physical Health Benefits

Quite apart from the psychological benefits with the “feel good” factor there are physical health advantages too. Whether you like to walk, go swimming or participate in extreme sports, they can all be found in South Devon. Whilst many people are aware that exercise is beneficial it’s much easier to exercise when you enjoy an activity. Indeed, when you are enjoying windsurfing, snorkelling or just taking a leisurely stroll you might not consider it to be exercise. But that’s exactly what it is!

Swimming, in particular, is excellent for your cardiovascular system and lungs and just one hour of swimming can burn off 750 calories.

When you are out in the sun your body produces vitamin D. By regulating the levels of phosphorus and calcium in your blood vitamin D maintains the strength of your bones.

Regular exercise also improves the quality of sleep. You might notice that you sleep better on holidays by the sea. Many people attribute it to the “sea air” but in reality, it’s the fact that you have exercised more, even if you don’t realise it. The calming effect also plays its part, getting away from the stress of our daily lives.

Holiday Apartments in Paignton

Paignton is a traditional seaside resort, where people have been enjoying holidays by the sea since the early 1800s. Naturally, the town has moved with the times but there is still an air of nostalgia as you walk around the streets.

Apartments in Paignton provide an affordable choice for holiday accommodation throughout the year. Staying in self-catering apartments gives you much more freedom than for example, hotel rooms. You are not restricted to meal times or when room service is available. Being able to cook your own food also saves on restaurants.

Bedford Holiday Apartments are located within walking distance of the beach and all amenities making them a perfect choice for a mini break or annual holidays by the sea.

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