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3 Events to Check out in Paignton This Week
If you are looking at having a break soon, we have 3 events to check out in Paignton this week. There is always something going on in Paignton and naturally, in the period leading up to Christmas, there is something
Thousands of Visitors Love Paignton Holidays
Paignton occupies around 30% of the English Riviera so it isn’t surprising that the town has mastered the art of catering to those who want a traditional seaside holiday experience. Whether on the beach, near the beach or away from
Trains and Boats and Planes on the English Riviera
You know how a tune gets stuck in your head? Dionne Warwick or the famous Burt Bacharach may have sung the words to the song: “Trains and boats and planes are passing by. They mean a trip to Paris or