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Coasteering in South Devon

22 January 2016 | 1 comments

There are many reasons why people choose the English Riviera for holidays or long weekend breaks. Renting self-catering accommodation in Paignton and surrounding areas provides an affordable way of having a great time. And if you happen to like jumping off cliffs, Anstey’s Cove and Meadfoot Beach are some of the places where you can indulge in Coasteering in South Devon.

What is Coasteering?

For those who don’t know what Coasteering is it’s simply a different way to travel along shores and to explore them. However, it’s also a high adrenaline sport so not for the feint hearted. After you have jumped off a cliff you will at some point have to climb back up one and you’ll find yourself in an out of the water quite a lot. It is always advisable to take a Coasteering route with a professional provider such as Extreme Coasteering in Torquay.

Challenging routes are offered for all types of groups from novices to the highly experienced.

The activity provides water sports and climbing enthusiasts with another way of having fun in the water and getting up close to marine and wildlife, exploring caves and rock faces.

Coasteering Attire

Most professional providers supply the relevant attire for the activity including helmets, wetsuits and footwear but if you stay in self-catering accommodation in Paignton and surrounding areas you will have somewhere to keep your gear if you bring your own.

There is also no doubt that you will be absolutely tired out at the end of a tour and hungry. With self-catering apartments, it is so easy to just pick up a takeaway to eat at ‘home’ or quickly cook something when you get back.

Coasteering in South Devon can be practised all year round but naturally, you can expect the water to be infinitely colder during the winter months.  A seasoned Coasteerer may consider cold water as part of the thrill but if you are a novice, bear it in mind.

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