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Why you should choose a Staycation in Paignton

11 September 2017 | 0 comments

Simply, a staycation is a combination of a holiday and staying in the country you are from. The main purpose of a staycation is for the holiday to be about relaxation and enjoyment. Erasing travel woes, expensive flights and hotels. It’s all about spending quality ‘me’ or ‘us’ time and experiencing new things. The sunny English Rivera offers a good staycation in Paignton with plenty of beaches and beauty spots are incredibly similar to a getaway holiday.

5 Reasons to choose a Staycation in Paignton:

  1. Easy Planning. You don’t need to worry about rushing, arriving on time for a flight.
  2. Minimal travelling costs. You no longer have to be concerned about paying outrageous airline or hotel prices.
  3. Great value for money. Not having to pay for flights and transfer buses free up money to save or splurge on your holiday.
  4. Discover your British hidden gem. It’s a great way to discover your favourite part of Paignton, which you can easily return to throughout the year.
  5. Relaxing. Last but probably most importantly. Less stress means more relaxation – perfect!

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